Script To Install Firefox 9, Evolution Mail 3.2.1, Filezilla FTP CLient and Liferea RSS Reader On Ubuntu 11.10

Here is a script that will install Script To Install Firefox 9 using the firefox-next PPA, Evolution Mail 3.2.1 using the GNOME 3 PPA, Filezilla FTP CLient and Liferea RSS Reader on Ubuntu 11.10.

Download the internet-script.tar.gz file and extract the content into your downloads folder. Open a terminal window (press Ctrl+ALt+T) and to make the file executable copy+paste the following line:

chmod +x Downloads/internet-script-11.10

To run the script copy+paste the following line:


Step 1
Adds the firefox-next PPA and upgrades Firefox to Firefox 9

Step 2
Adds the GNOME 3 Team PPA for GNOME 3. And upgrades Evolution Mail package to version 3.2.1, after the upgrade it will install Evolution Mail.

Step 3
Installs Filezilla FTP client 3.5.0

Step 4
Installs Liferea news aggregator 1.6.6b

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